McAllen Hail, Wind, & Storm Damage Repair

McAllen Storm Damage Repair At McAllen Valley Roofing Co, we are happy to assist and help you with the burden of dealing with your insurance adjuster. We can help you with all types of storm damage including wind and hail.

Here’s how we can help you…

Representing YOUR interests. If your home or property has storm damage, the job of your insurance is to replace or repair your roof back to pre-storm condition. But do not forget, insurance companies are “for-profit” and there are times that damage can be missed. This puts more money in your insurance companies pocket, but later on down the road will have you paying out of your own pocket for missed repairs.

Ensuring that your insurance adjuster is being completely fair. Again, insurance companies are for-profit. The reason why you should work with an experienced roofing contractor that specializes in storm damage is because they represent *YOU*. Your insurance company represents themselves.

Identifying and documenting all damage. We provide 100% free storm damage inspections. If we find damage, we will take photos and document it to help expedite your insurance claim.

Negotiating to get your roof back to pre-storm condition. Some insurance companies are known for “low-balling” their settlement offers. When you work with us, we will work on your behalf and make sure that your insurance adjuster is fair and provides the proper settlement to bring your roof back to pre-storm condition.

Free Storm Damage Assessment

If you believe you may have storm damage, we provide an absolutely free inspection and complete roof damage assessment. In addition, we offer our clients the help and best assistance needed to maneuver through the insurance claim procedures. Call now at 956-253-1085