Residential Roofing in McAllen

Roof Repair in McAllenWith McAllen Valley Roofing Co. homeowners can rest assured that they will receive the individual time and attention that they deserve when hiring a roofing company. We offer expert service and affordable prices for all residential roofs in the Rio Grande Valley.

​Do you need a new roof? Maybe you’re in need of roof repairs or roof restoration. Might you need a roof inspection so that you can purchase that new home? We have got you covered!… or at least we would love to as soon as possible! Keeping a roof over your head is a privilege that we are grateful to be entrusted with!

Common Roofing Repairs

  • Replace faded or mildewed shingles or tiles
  • Storm/hail damage … oh the hail damage we’ve seen! We’ve seen it and we can fix it. It’s one of those things that can really take quite a lot of value away from your home. Don’t wait to fix it until you sell it! Restore your roof to look it’s best for you and yours and to avoid any future issues.
  • Install new rain gutters
  • Fix leaky sunroofs
  • Replace your wood that has dry rot

We offer a free estimate for all our prospective clients. We will inspect your roof and determine the best roofing solution that fits your needs.

New Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing in McAllenGetting a new roof is a very smart and necessary investment. We know getting a new roof is not usually an exciting thought for most folks, but it can be! A new roof can add some much-needed curb appeal to any home, giving it a clean and fresh look.

There are so many roofing options with the abundant amount of roofing materials in this day and age. These material options are right at your fingertips as we have the best roofing solutions.

We can give your property a brand new look by using a new color of shingles or a new roof material completely.

Roof Inspections

​Roof inspections are another roofing service that we offer. We want to make sure that you are making a good investment in that new home or business before you purchase any real estate! You and your wallet will be protected when you can make an informed decision about your home or business purchase or to get the best deal.

We will come out and do a thorough inspection of the current roof and give you a report on the condition of the roof.

Roof Leak Repairs

If you are experiencing roof leaks, you should not put off getting it inspected and fixed. We would hate for your house or business to incur more unnecessary damage when something like a roof leak, or otherwise, could be fixed so easily; not to mention, the added importance of safety if the roof is getting weaker, due to the damage.

We want to help you keep safe the ones most important to you. Minor roof leaks may seem minor at the time, but over time, they grow and grow and so does the damage they leave. Fixing your small leak will prove to be the very best and least expensive option in the long-run. ​Call us before it gets worse!

Call for Your Roofing Estimate

To get a free roofing estimate for your home or property, call today at 956-253-1085.

Texas Roofing Service Area

Throughout our history, we have been characterized as an industry leader in South Texas who is able to envision and deliver results that will exceed our customer’s expectations and needs. We provide roofing services to all of South Texas and can find more information about our service areas below: